Name Change

Name change is a tedious process, but for most people it is NOT something you need to pay someone to do for you. For most people, it is an easy process. We give you all the name change forms and instructions free of charge. If you are recently married, the process is especially easy.

Here’s a quick rundown of how a name change works:

  1. Get a legal document proving your name change. This can be a certified Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree or a Court Order.
  2. Use that document to inform the Social Security Administration.
  3. Then, go to your local DMV. While there, you can update your driver’s license (or identification card), and vehicle’s title and registration.
  4. Now, your name is official and the steps will vary depending on your situation. Voting? Update your Voter Registration. Moving? Tell the IRS and USPS. Traveling? Make sure you update the U.S. Passport Office.
  5. Last, update third parties in order of importance.  Your bank requires a personal visit. Your Human Resources department will take care of many important items (e.g., medical insurance/cards, etc.). Go to the name change notification center to make sure you get them all.

Legal Name Change After Marriage or Divorce Online and Free

We’ve got tons of free information.  If you want to understand the process a bit, just click on your reason — marriage name change, divorce name change or legal name change — to review a summary of the process, or get links to forms.  It’s all free.

We hope you find what you’re looking for, but if you have suggestions please let us know! Every tip you pass on to us will help someone just like you in the future.