Arizona Name Change Online and Free

The Arizona name change process:

  1. Get your Arizona proof of name change document;
  2. Update the SSA;
  3. Visit the Arizona DPS for your Arizona driver’s license name change;
  4. You may update your Arizona voter registrationpassport office (if traveling); IRS & USPS if moving; and last,
  5. Update Arizona banks, Arizona utilities, and others here.

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Read about the Arizona name change process:

1. Arizona Legal Proof of Name Change Documents

Get your proof of Arizona Name Change Document, Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree proving your name change.

Arizona Marriage Certificates

Clerk of the Superior Court in the county that your Arizona Marriage License was issued.

Arizona Divorce Decrees/Certificates

Must be obtained through the Superior Court that they were entered.

Arizona Birth Certificates

You can get a certified copy of your Arizona legal proof of name change (and AZ birth certificate) by doing the following: 

  1. Complete the FORM;
  2. Mail or submit in-person;
    1. Mail your form and fee to:
      • Office of Vital Records
        Arizona Department of Health Services
        O. Box 6018
        Phoenix, AZ 85005
    2. In-person: Take your form and fee to ANY county health department in Arizona. Map of Arizona Health Departments.
  3. Fees: $12 for first certified copy and $6 for each additional copy. Bring a money order or cashier’s check made payable to Office of Vital Records.
  4. NOTE: if they can’t find your certified copy for some reason, you will still need to pay $15 for the search fee.

If you have any questions or need to expedite the process you may call (602) 364-1300.

Get a legal name change through court order.

2. Social Security Name Change

Social Security Name Change

3. Arizona Driver’s License Name Change

DMV Name Change, Registration and Title

Arizona Driver’s License Name Change

 In Arizona you must notify the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division of your name change 10 days after the change. To do this and change your name on your Arizona driver’s license bring the following to your local MVD: (1) CERTIFIED copy of your legal name change document; (2) complete the form they give you; (3) have a duplicate driver’s license fee of $12.

Arizona Vehicle Title and Registration Name Change

While you are at the DMV, you can also update your Title and Registration information by filing FORM 96-0326 with the $12 filing fee ($4 for title and $8 for the new registration).

Make certain you have written permission from the lien holder (if you are still making payments on the car, the lien holder is the bank you make payments to, they will likely have a form for you).

4. Arizona Voter Registration Name Change, Passport Name Change and/or Address Changes

Arizona name change on voter registration

Arizona Voter Registration Name Change

You can update your Arizona Registration Online! So long as you have an Arizona ID or Driver’s License, you’re good to go.  Just follow these steps: (1) Log into Service Arizona; (2) verify Arizona voter eligibility; then (3) just complete the forms online.

A couple of notes. If you’ve moved, make sure to update your address as well as your name!  You can also complete Arizona Registration Form and take it to your local County Recorder’s office.

Moving? IRS and USPS Name Change forms and information.

Traveling? Passport Name Change forms and information.

 5. Telling Everyone Else about your Name Change

Change your name with Arizona banks, credit cards and everyone else.