South Dakota Name Change Online and Free

The South Dakota name change process:

  1. Get your South Dakota proof of name change document;
  2. Update the SSA;
  3. Visit the South Dakota DPS for your South Dakota driver’s license name change;
  4. You may update your South Dakota voter registrationpassport office (if traveling); IRS & USPS if moving; and last,
  5. Update South Dakota banks, South Dakota utilities, and others here.

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Read about the South Dakota name change process:

1. South Dakota Legal Proof of Name Change Documents

Get your proof of South Dakota Name Change Document, Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree proving your name change.

South Dakota Marriage Certificate, South Dakota Divorce Certificates & Birth Certificates

To get an South Dakota marriage certificate or divorce decree contact the county clerk in the court where you obtained your marriage license.

Your divorce decree can be obtained in the family court where your divorce was ordered.

Get a legal name change through court order.

2. Social Security Name Change

Social Security Name Change

3. South Dakota Driver’s License Name Change

DMV Name Change, Registration and Title

South Dakota Driver’s License Name Change

To change your name on your driver’s license, you must go to your local South Dakota Department of Public Safety (the South Dakota DMV will handle your vehicle’s title and registration).

Make sure you have already obtained your South Dakota proof of name change document (see Step 1) and you have notified the Social Security Administration (see Step 2). You may also want to get a birth certificate if you don’t have a U.S. passport or other way to demonstrate U.S. citizenship. There is more information on this below.

To update your driver’s license or ID card, you must go in person to your local South Dakota DPS with the following documents:

  • your South Dakota certified or original proof of legal name change document; and
  • payment of the $15.00 fee.
  • NOTE that you may also be required to provide additional proof of South Dakota residency and U.S. citizenship. Common documents to demonstrate these, include:
    1. U.S. citizenship or other valid status: Certified or original U.S. Birth Certificate, Social Security card, tax documents (a recent W2), a U.S. passport, or U.S. visa and/or other U.S. immigration documents, etc.
    2. South Dakota residence: Utility bills, lease agreement, etc.
    3. See the South Dakota DMV Sources of Proof.

South Dakota Vehicle Title and Registration Name Change

For your vehicle title and registration, you should gather the same documents listed above as well as your:

  • current title;
  • current registration; and
  • the fee of $15.

Unfortunately, not been able to confirm the procedure. In other jurisdictions, they have you:

  • Complete the transfer form putting your new name in the “Seller” portion (some other states have a specific form); and
  • Pay a fee (in South Dakota the fee is $15).

Unfortunately, we have not been able to confirm that this is the procedure for changing your registration/title in South Dakota. Please contact your local DMV for more information on this process.

Please add whatever details you are able to get in the comments and we’ll be certain to update it for future users! Thanks in advance!

Moving? You can change your address my emailing the South Dakota DPS with the following information.

  • Your SD driver’s license number;
  • Date of Birth; and
  • Your name as it appears on the driver’s license.

It’s important to note, however, that this will NOT change the address on your driver’s license.

To change it on your driver’s license it’s basically the same process of changing your name, so you should likely do it at the same time. You’ll need to go in person to your local Driver’s Exam Station with:

  • your current compliant license w/ the gold star in the right corner;
  • two address documents proving your physical address; and the
  • the $15 fee.


4. South Dakota Voter Registration Name Change, Passport Name Change and/or Address Changes

South Dakota name change on voter registration

South Dakota Voter Registration Name Change

Get your Voter Registration name change information. You may be able to do it online!

Moving? IRS and USPS Name Change forms and information.

Traveling? Passport Name Change forms and information.

 5. Telling Everyone Else about your Name Change

Change your name with South Dakota banks, credit cards and everyone else.