South Carolina Name Change Online and Free

The South Carolina name change process:

  1. Get your South Carolina proof of name change document;
  2. Update the SSA;
  3. Visit the South Carolina DPS for your South Carolina driver’s license name change;
  4. You may update your South Carolina voter registrationpassport office (if traveling); IRS & USPS if moving; and last,
  5. Update South Carolina banks, South Carolina utilities, and others here.

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Read about the South Carolina name change process:

1. South Carolina Legal Proof of Name Change Documents

Get your proof of South Carolina Name Change Document, Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree proving your name change.

South Carolina Marriage Certificate, South Carolina Divorce Certificates & Birth Certificates

To get an South Carolina marriage certificate or divorce decree you should contact the county clerk of court where you obtained your marriage license, or the family court in which your divorce was issued.

Get a legal name change through court order.

2. Social Security Name Change

Social Security Name Change

3. South Carolina Driver’s License Name Change

DMV Name Change, Registration and Title

South Carolina Driver’s License Name Change

South Carolina requires that you change your name on your license and other within 10 days of the change.

While you will have to get this done in person the good news is that you can get most all of the forms online.

After you have your South Carolina proof of name change document (see Step 1) and you have notified the Social Security Administration (see Step 2), you must go in person to your local South Carolina DMV with the following documents:

  • your South Carolina certified or original proof of legal name change document;
  • this completed form; and
  • payment of the $10.00 fee.

There’s good news here. Unlike many other states South Carolina actually updates documents, such as your vehicle’s registration automatically.

But your driver’s license will not reflect your new name unless you get a new one!

To get a new driver’s license with your new name, simply complete this form, and pay the fee of $10. You will likely want to get a new driver’s license to avoid confusion. 

South Carolina Vehicle Title and Registration Name Change

As described above, your registration is already taken care of.

To get change your name on your vehicle’s title, simply:

  • complete this form;
  • supply your current vehicle’s title; and the
  • fee of $15.

Moving? South Carolina also requires you alert the MVA within 10 days too! The good news is that if you basically complete the same documents and handle it while you’re changing your name. You’ll note while filling out the above paperwork that the forms also have a section for changing your address. It’s fairly self-explanatory, but if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments.


4. South Carolina Voter Registration Name Change, Passport Name Change and/or Address Changes

South Carolina name change on voter registration

South Carolina Voter Registration Name Change

Get your Voter Registration name change information. You may be able to do it online!

Moving? IRS and USPS Name Change forms and information.

Traveling? Passport Name Change forms and information.

 5. Telling Everyone Else about your Name Change

Change your name with South Carolina banks, credit cards and everyone else.