Mississippi Name Change Online and Free

The Mississippi name change process:

  1. Get your Mississippi proof of name change document;
  2. Update the SSA;
  3. Visit the Mississippi DPS for your Mississippi driver’s license name change;
  4. You may update your Mississippi voter registrationpassport office (if traveling); IRS & USPS if moving; and last,
  5. Update Mississippi banks, Mississippi utilities, and others here.

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Read about the Mississippi name change process:

1. Mississippi Legal Proof of Name Change Documents

Get your proof of Mississippi Name Change Document, Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree proving your name change.

Mississippi Marriage Certificate, Mississippi Divorce Certificates & Birth Certificates

Mississippi Birth Certificate

To obtain a birth certificate you may contact the Mississippi Department of Health, Vital Records office. It will cost $17.00 per copy.

Mail in your required documents to the following address:

Vital Records
State Department of Health
P.O. Box 1700
Jackson, MS 39215-1700

You can send in a personal check or money order made out to the Mississippi State Department of Health. Make certain to provide a copy of your GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID with the request.

Visit the Mississippi Department of Health website here for further details or questions.

Certified copies of Mississippi Marriage Certificates may be obtained through the county clerk’s office where your marriage license was issued.

For certified copies of a Mississippi divorce certificate/decree, visit or contact the court clerk that issued the divorce and request a certified copy.

Get a legal name change through court order.

2. Social Security Name Change

Social Security Name Change

3. Mississippi Driver’s License Name Change

DMV Name Change, Registration and Title

Mississippi Driver’s License Name Change

In Mississippi, you notify the Department of Public Safety (DPS) of your name change to get an updated driver’s license or ID card.

To do so, visit in person with the following:

  • your Mississippi certified or original legal name change document;
  • your current Mississippi driver’s license or ID card; and
  • payment of the fee $11 ($14 for ID cards).

Contact Live Support here:


Mississippi Vehicle Title and Registration Name Change

Don’t forget to also change your name on your vehicle’s title and registration. Unfortunately, a different department handles this. You need to go to your local Tax Collector’s office (or the Department of Revue) to update these records.

Bring the same document listed above—i.e., your photo ID, and your Mississippi certified legal name change document.

For your vehicle title be prepared to “transfer” title to your new name by completing the title transfer form on the back of your current title.

Please be aware, however, that the Mississippi Tax Collectors office advices that “[a]dding additional names of non-immediate family members is considered a new title application and all fees and taxes, including casual sales tax, will be due.

It seems quite odd and unfair that you’d be hit with a big tax bill here, but unfortunately, we have not been able to confirm this.

As such, BEFORE YOU DO THIS, MAKE SURE TO ASK THE MISSISSIPPI Tax Collector’s office people prior to proceeding. We don’t want you to have to pay extra fees and there may be a better way to handle this, so be careful here.

Please confirm in the comments or raise any issues you have here and we’ll be certain to update it for future users! Thanks in advance.


Moving? If you are moving, you can update your address online, or handle it in person while you are changing your name. Coordinate doing this to fit your needs, but note that there will be many other companies to update of your address change. See our moving links below in Step 4.

4. Mississippi Voter Registration Name Change, Passport Name Change and/or Address Changes

Mississippi name change on voter registration

Mississippi Voter Registration Name Change

Get your Voter Registration name change information. You may be able to do it online!

Moving? IRS and USPS Name Change forms and information.

Traveling? Passport Name Change forms and information.

 5. Telling Everyone Else about your Name Change

Change your name with Mississippi banks, credit cards and everyone else.

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