Oregon Name Change Online and Free

The Oregon name change process:

  1. Get your Oregon proof of name change document;
  2. Update the SSA;
  3. Visit the Oregon DPS for your Oregon driver’s license name change;
  4. You may update your Oregon voter registrationpassport office (if traveling); IRS & USPS if moving; and last,
  5. Update Oregon banks, Oregon utilities, and others here.

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Read about the Oregon name change process:

1. Oregon Legal Proof of Name Change Documents

Get your proof of Oregon Name Change Document, Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree proving your name change.

Oregon Marriage Certificate, Oregon Divorce Certificates & Birth Certificates

Request forms for all situations, complete the forms outlined here:


Oregon Vital Records
P.O. Box 14050
Portland, OR 97293-0050 

Marriage Certificate  Send the request form.

SOURCE: http://public.health.oregon.gov/BirthDeathCertificates/GetVitalRecords/Pages/index.aspx

You can also get certified Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree from the County Clerk’s office in which it was issued. 

Get a legal name change through court order.

2. Social Security Name Change

Social Security Name Change

3. Oregon Driver’s License Name Change

DMV Name Change, Registration and Title


Oregon Driver’s License Name Change

To change your name on Oregon state ID or driver’s license in Oregon you must go in person to your local DMV office with (1) a completed FORM 735-173 (for a normal driver’s license or ID card, see below for **CDL form); (2) Oregon certified legal proof of name change; (3) birth certificate; U.S. passport; U.S. citizenship certificate; etc. (see list of acceptable documents); (4) proof of Oregon residency (such as your old driver’s license); (5) your SSN; and (6) the new Driver’s License Fee of $26.50 ($39.50 for an ID card).

**For a CDL use this form FORM 735-175; the filing fee is the same.

List of Acceptable Documents

Oregon Vehicle Title and Registration Name Change

Make sure to change your name on your Oregon title and registration. You must do so within 30 days. To do so make sure you have (1) your current title; (2) a completed FORM 735-226 (note that you’re changing your name on the application & driver’s license number); and the filing fee of $77.

Oregon Address Change

You only have 30 days once you move to notify the DMV and make the change on all your documents. The good news is you can do it online here, or you can also do it in person and through the mail.

4. Oregon Voter Registration Name Change, Passport Name Change and/or Address Changes

Oregon name change on voter registration

Oregon Voter Registration Name Change

Get your Voter Registration name change information. You may be able to do it online!

Moving? IRS and USPS Name Change forms and information.

Traveling? Passport Name Change forms and information.

 5. Telling Everyone Else about your Name Change

Change your name with Oregon banks, credit cards and everyone else.