Voter Registration Name Change

Good news here! You can change your name on your voter registration and/or register to vote in 34 different states and the District of Columbia completely ON LINE.  The vast majority of states are moving in this direction, so it’s likely that all states will have this option soon. We will update the links below when voter registration name changes are available online in your state.

If it is not, don’t worry, there’s a very good chance you can change it at your DMV. Since you’ll already be there to change your driver’s license, it’ll be convenient. Get more details below.

Please note that in most all of these states, you will need a State-issued driver’s license or ID card.  This is because the system is using that information to confirm your identity and ensure voter registration accuracy.  As such, make sure to have these handy when proceeding with your voter registration name change (or “voter registration” if this is your first time).

Online Voter Registration Name Change

Choose your state here. There are 34 states and a few others that will be creating online voter registration soon (i.e., Florida, Idaho, Oklahoma and Tennessee).

Other Options for Voter Registration Name Change

If you don’t want to register to vote (or change your name on your voter registration) using the online system, or your state doesn’t offer it, you can also register (or change your name) by:

  1. Completing this Government Form;
  2. Mail it into your state (there are detailed instructions for each state in the form); and
  3. Vote in your upcoming election.

All of this information is free and there is much more at  If you have any further questions, we recommend you proceed there.  It provides a very easy solution and summary for each state as well as links to your State’s individual requirements.

Other Places to Get your Voter Registration Name Change

There are several other places you may be able to go. Again, while this will vary by your individual state, and you can get your individual State’s specific name-change instructions by either picking your state here

Or, you can always get your State-specific  information from the same drop down menu in the header on ever page.