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The Name Change Process

Wondering how to change your name? NewLastName provides free name change information and name change forms to help you.
For your name change after marriage or divorce, you should start at our Marriage Name Change or Divorce Name Change pages.

If you are changing your name or a minor’s name for any other reason, you should get started at our Legal Name Change page.

There are several steps in the name change process. First, you need to obtain a legal name change document. This can be accomplished via a marriage certificate or divorce decree. However if you are changing your name or a child’s name for any other reason, you need to obtain a legal name change document from the court.

Once you have your legal name change document, you then have to go through the name change notification process. This is the process of notifying all of the appropriate governement and corporate agencies of your new name. This process is cumbersome and time consuming. However we have broken it down and simplified it here, so you don’t have to waste your time navigating the system!


This Free Name Change website was created by someone just like you. My name change was a real pain. I turned to the internet for help, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. All I wanted was free name change information.

Although I did find some fee-based services, all they did was provide name change forms. I knew I could get them myself. It was just a pain to find them all. Besides, these services weren’t going to stand in line for me at the DMV, or my local Social Security Office. So why pay them for free name change forms?

I have compiled all the name change information and forms you’ll ever need. Whether you’re a newlywed seeking a name change after marriage, or if you are seeking a legal name change for any other reason. All the information and forms you’ll ever need are here, in one place, so you don’t need to pay for them unless you’re in a real rush and need a fast name change online. You will find all the name change information you need, including links to all the relevant name change forms and name change instructions right here. It’s free. It’s clear. It’s going to take you through the name change process.
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