Change your name now

First, you’ll complete a short form, including your old name, new name, birth date, zip code, email address and a few questions about your situation. We auto-populate your SS-5 Social Security form. Provide you with the instructions to file.

Next up, is likely to be your DMV. You take your new Social Security Card along with your marriage certificate to the your DMV, along with the filing fee and get your new driver’s license.

Now, if you’re traveling you’ll need a new Passport. If you’re moving, you may want to update your name and address with the Post Office. The IRS should be notified by the Social Security Administration, so you are unlikely to need it.

Last, you inform your human resources department, bank, credit cards, and the rest of the organizations listed at our

Why is it free?

Our goal is to help make irritating processes like these easier.  No strings attached.  There’s no catch.  We just don’t feel like you should have to pay for a service like this.