Wyoming Legal Name Change

Below are the relevant state statutes, as well as links to the form petitions and instructions for obtaining a legal name change for yourself or a minor.

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If you are seeking a marriage name change or a divorce name change, your marriage license or divorce decree can serve as your legal name change document. Thus you can proceed to Name Change Notification, the final step of the name change process. Otherwise, read the information below and follow the links to learn about obtaining a legal name change.

Wyoming State Code:

Sec. 1-25-101. Verified petition to be presented; information to be shown in petition; order of court making change; record to be made. Every person desiring to change his name may petition the district court of the county of the petitioner’s residence for the desired change. The petition shall be verified by affidavit setting forth the petitioner’s full name, the name desired, a concise statement of the reason for the desired change, the place of his birth, his place of residence and the length of time he has been an actual bona fide resident of the county in which the petition is filed. If the court is satisfied that the desired change is proper and not detrimental to the interests of any other person, it shall order the change to be made, and record the proceedings in the records of the court.

Sec. 1-25-102. Residence requirement. A person petitioning for a change of name shall have been a bona fide resident of the county in which the petition is filed for at least two (2) years immediately preceding filing the petition.

Sec. 1-25-103. Notice to be given by publication. Public notice of the petition for a change of name shall be given in the same manner as service by publication upon nonresidents in civil actions.

Sec. 1-25-104. Change of name in adoption proceedings. In all cases of the adoption of children in the manner provided by law, the court before which such adoption proceeding is held, may change the name of any child so adopted and make an order to that effect, which shall be recorded in the records of the proceeding of adoption. Each child who has heretofore, in Wyoming, been adopted according to law, may have his or her name changed to that of the parents who have adopted him or her, upon the parents, who have adopted such child, on behalf of such child, filing a petition therefor.

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