Maine Legal Name Change Forms and Information

For an Maine legal name change in through court order follow these steps:

  1. Download the Maine legal name change form template;
  2. Review the general Legal Name Change and Maine legal name change instructions carefully; and
  3. File in your local Maine state court.

Maine Legal Name Change State Laws:

Sec. 1-701. Petition to change name. If a person desires to have that person’s name changed, the person may petition the judge of probate in the county where the person resides; or, if the person is a minor, that person’s legal custodian may petition in the person’s behalf, and the judge, after due notice, may change the name of the person and shall make and preserve a record of the name change. The fee for filing the petition is $25. [1997, c. 18, §2 (amd); §6 (aff).]

State Name Change Petition and Instructions