Online Name Change


Here’s how it works:

(1) Complete a short form, including your old name, new name and a couple other questions. It usually takes about 30 seconds. (2) Your Social Security form is completed.  Follow the filing instructions. (3) Depending on your situation, you will move onto the next step (likely your Driver’s License ).  We provide tips and locations based on your location. Then, go to our notification page to learn how to tell other companies, such as your banks, credit cards, etc.

Full disclosure: You can’t change your name online on your driver’s license in just about EVERY STATE, or with most all banks.  No service can provide this to our knowledge for obvious reasons–the banks and the state government’s simply don’t allow it.  Also, there are certain filing fees (duplicate license fees, new title and registration, etc.).  We give you all the information you’ll need, supply you with the forms and help you complete them. ALL FOR FREE.  Just fill out the form below and you get an email with the PDF.