Credit Card Name Change Instructions

First, changing your name on your credit cards should not be done until, AT A MINIMUM, you’ve already changed your name with the Social Security Administration, and your local DMV.  Also, make sure you have already reviewed the instructions on changing your name with your Banks, which are often the credit card issuers.  Once that is completed, you can proceed with this step.

We have very detailed instructions on changing your name after marriage, divorce or other reasons. We strongly encourage you to review those section, follow the instructions, then come back here when you’re ready. Trust us, it will save you time!

We also have some individual posts that detail the specific steps to change your name on some of the most popular credit cards, but its good to review the general information on changing your name on your credit cards before proceeding to each of these:

  • American Express,
  • Discover,
  • Mastercard, and
  • Visa

Basically, you will either notify your credit card company over the phone, via the internet, or through the mail. Generally, its best to call the customer service department (available by simply turning your card over), then asking what their policy is. We have the details and tips for the most popular cards listed above, but you can always simply call if you prefer, or you don’t see your specific credit card listed.

For example, some companies, such as Discover Card, may allow you to notify them via their Message Center of a name change due to marriage.  However, they will ask for a court order and drivers license as proof of your name change in other cases. While all companies are different (and you can visit our other posts for the specifics of each), here are the common things you will need for all of them.

As a general rule, before starting the process, you should have:

  1. A new drivers license or state identification card with your new name,
  2. Changed your name with your banking institutions (often times they issue the line of credit so you can get it changed with them), and
  3. Have a copy of your name change document (such as a marriage certificate or court order) prepared in the event that you need to send your credit card company a written request and proof of the name change.

Most all credit card issuers will allow you to simply call in with the request, with about half of them requesting a mailed-in written request along with a copy of the marriage certificate and in some cases, your new drivers license.

The written request should include (1) the request (e.g, Can you please change my account information to reflect my name change.), (2) account number, (3) current account information (e.g., your old full name, new name, any address change, etc.) and (4) a copy of your name change document, such as a marriage certificate, or court order (in the case of a divorce or legal name change). To avoid doubt, we have a free notification letter that you can use.

DISCOVER CARD Name Change Instructions

In sum, you may actually be able to take care of the process online by simply following these steps:

  • First, you must be changing your name after marriage to do it online, and they still may request that you send a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Second, send a message to the Discover team about your name change. Go to the Secure Message Center and make sure to choose Account Maintenance from the drop down. Next, put CHANGE OF NAME in the subject field of your message to make certain your request is sent to the right person. In your message explain that you are changing your name due to marriage (or any other reason).
  • PLEASE NOTE, if you are changing your name through a court order (this will likely include a divorce) or due to Naturalization you will need to provide additional documents through the mail. You can use the various free notification letters. You’ll also need to send (1) an ORIGINAL copy of the court order legalizing the name change, and (2) a copy of your drivers license or State ID to the following address:

Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 30943
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-9850

Often times, when changing your name, you may be changing your address as well. This can certainly be done online. Simply login in to your Discover My Profile page in the Account Center and click on the Update Personal Information link.

VISA CREDIT CARD Name Change Procedures and Instructions

In order to change your name on your Visa card, you must contact the financial institution that issued the card. You will find the contact information for that financial institution on the back of the card. This usually includes a phone number, web address and a physical address. There are hundreds of Visa issuers, worldwide.

Simply call your issuing institution and inform them of your new name. Some of them will accept this information over the phone, while others will require you to submit the request in writing. They will need your account information, a copy of your official name change document (e.g. marriage certificate or divorce decree) and a copy of your updated drivers license or identification card. You can use this standard notification letter to submit your written request.

We have provided a list of the largest financial issuers, along with instructions on how to change your name on your credit cards issued by these specific institutions.

You can find a comprehensive list of all Visa credit card issuers, along with links to their websites.