Telling Everyone About Your Name Change

Following is a checklist of individuals and institutions with which you should register your name change. If you are also moving, you should update your address with each of them as well. With the entities below, you can generally update your information by phone or by email.

We recommend notifying each institution in order as we have listed them in order of ease and importance.  For example, when you notify your Employer of your name change, they are often able to help you notify many others, such as your retirement accounts, medical plans, payroll, etc.

Next, you will want to notify your Bank and Credit Card companies for obvious reasons.  Your bank often requires you to visit in person, and will likely help you order new checks, which is not required, but something you may want to do for clarity.

In addition, you will notice that if you click on some of the more popular items, such as banks and credit cards, you will be taken to articles and information that many have found useful in this process.

If you feel we are missing something, please let us know in the comments field and we will be sure to add it ASAP! It’s very helpful when folks that have gone through the process pass on information and tips to those that will follow.  We’ll keep it here, and ALWAYS FREE.  Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!


Employer Name Change

In most cases, simply contact your human resources department to notify them of your name change. They will typically update your name with payroll, medical plans, 401K etc., or at the very least, they will be able to point you to the forms or procedures to do so.


Changing your name with your bank will often require an in person visit and bringing along your original or certified copy of your legal proof of name change (you’re probably quite used to this by now). Also, have your updated identification (ID or driver’s license; temporary ones should be fine).

Credit Cards

We’ve compiled the procedures for the main Credit Card companies name change procedures here.

Professional Organizations

This will not apply to everyone, but if it applies to you, will certainly want to notify these organizations as soon as possible. For example, the State Bar Associations for attorneys have very specific guidelines, Nursing Association, Medical Boards, etc.


Update any mortgages, liens (such as a car loan), or school loans that you may have. Most of these institutions can simply be notified over the phone and if required will have you fax over your proof of name change.


Notify your your investment companies of your name change, such as your stock broker, mutual funds, or popular online trading accounts, such as, ScottTrade, TDAmeritrade, Fidelity, etc.

Utility Companies

Notify your utility companies of your name change, such as gas, electric, water, etc.

Retirement Plans

As mentioned above, you may be able to have this updated through your human resources department.  Also, many popular online services also handle Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs or your 401K, so they may have already been updated above.


Insurance Companies

Health, Dental, Life, Renters/Home Owners, Automotive, etc


AAA, clubs, etc.

Telling your clients, colleagues and friends about your name change.

The final step!  You may want to send out a form email alerting everyone of your name change. The general tone will certainly be different depending on who you are notifying. For example, a professional email may be sent to your colleagues, while a funny GIF can be shared on social media.

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