Moving along with your name change?

Often times, a big life change that necessitates a name change is accompanied by a move.  If you are moving too, you basically want to update the following:

  1. Your new address with the DMV (driver’s license, vehicle registration, etc.);
  2. Update the USPS;
  3. Update the IRS; and
  4. Update additional companies.

An address change is very similar to your name change

Many of the instructions will likely sound familiar. Basically, you are updating the same government institutions when you move as when you change your name, so it’s best to handle both at the same time.  Your address change will be much easier than the name change because you won’t have to supply your legal proof of name change and it most often doesn’t have to be done in person.  You will generally need a “proof of residence document,” e.g., a utility bill, lease document, etc.

DMV Address Change

This is one of the more difficult tasks.  The good news is that if you failed to change it during your name change, you can generally update your address with your local DMV online.  The bad news is that not all DMV’s will automatically update your license. Generally, it does not need to match, however, so you can save a duplicate licensing fee if you are okay with your old address being on the card.

USPS Address Change

There is an online service that charges just $1.  It is fairly self-explanatory and very quick. We wouldn’t recommend doing it any other way.

IRS Address Change

You can use IRS Form 8822 to change your name.  When completed send it to one of the address listed below based on where you live.

irs name change

Tell Everyone Else About Your Move

This is similar to changing your name. Go through the checklist of companies that you informed of your name change and tell them about your address change. You can generally just update the change online.  If they require proof of your address change, you can generally use a utility bill, rental agreement, title or mortgage document to support your move.