UK How to Change Your Name

After Marriage or Civil Partnership:
If you have recently married, your marriage certificate is sufficient documentary evidence to change your passport name to your partner’s surname or a double-barrel name with their surname.

Civil Partnership is the same as with marriage, your civil partnership certificate is sufficient evidence to either change to your partner’s surname or take a double-barrel name.

If you will be either taking your partner’s surname or forming a double-barrelled surname following your marriage or civil partnership, you can apply for a new passport in your new name up to three months before your ceremony, although you will not be able to use your new passport until the actual day of your ceremony.

After Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership:
If you wish to revert to your maiden name from before your marriage or your civil partnership, you simply need to apply for a new passport and enclose your decree absolute certificate or your civil partnership dissolution certificate. You also need to enclose a signed affidavit that you are using your former name for all purposes.

By Deed Poll:
If you change your legal name by Deed Poll, your Deed Poll document will be accepted by the Passport Office as documentary evidence of your change of name. When you send your passport application form to the Passport Office, you simply need to enclose your Deed Poll document.

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